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Since being recently diagnosed with FSGS (a kidney disease) during a global pandemic (Covid-19) I’ve had to adjust my life in some pretty significant ways.

Amongst those ways has been diet, exercise and social interaction, or more specifically as limited social interaction as can be due to the seriousness of my disease and the risk of being immuno comprised due to the nature of my treatment.
I can control my diet and adjust as needed to help keep my body healthy and as balanced as possible.

With exercise though I have to watch how I work out, how much I work out, how hard I work out and where I work out.

I’ve found with the Chain Blast Muscle System that I can accomplish most of my strength and conditioning needs very simply and from anywhere I bring this portable system. From at home inside doing curls to outside in my yard doing bent over or even seated rows. Pretty cool!

One thing I discovered unique with Chain Blast was taking the exercise to the pool. This was incredible! The water resistance along with the chain resistance in the water felt amazing. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before in the gym.

As I move forward with my life being of positive mindset and body, I am confident that the simple yet effective approach that is Chain Blast Muscle System will become an even bigger and more important part of my overall health and recovery.


Age 45

The chain blast muscle system is amazing because it soo easy and fun to use.

The Versatility is uncomparable in its class it helps in ways where if you have suffered from an injury you can select the precise amount of weight to use which you cannot do with dumbbells it has helped me regain strength in my shoulder after my injury by just doing a little amount of weight at at time!

There are countless amount of exercises you can do with the program I would highly recommend this product!

Julian M

Age 21

I love having my Chain Blast Muscle System. It is stored behind the laundry room door.

I unhook the cable pulley from the storage hook. I place it on the hook above the door ready to use. When I am finished working out I put the cable pulley back on the storage hook and move the chains over 16 inches to store completely out of everyone’s way.

Works great for our busy household.



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