Lat & Triceps Pulley Set

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What’s Included:
(1) Cable: 70 “ (Length)
1/8”-3/16” (diameter)nylon coated cable
(1) 2.5” Swivel-Eye Pulley
(2) 5/8” Snaps
(1) Chain Blast Pulley/Chin up bar

The Chain Blast Muscle System’s
Convenient portable and light weight anywhere set up pulley allows an instant
Lat pull down machine within your home, workplace and anywhere you choose as your new gym environment without the gym available.

The Chain Blast Muscle System Lat & Triceps Pulley Set can be easily set up in almost any door frame, and also can be attached to endless number of places like tree branches, football/soccer nets, bridges and thousands of other places in your community and beyond.

The user can add Chain Blast Chains to customize resistance with their Lat Pulldowns,Triceps pushdowns and many other exercises.

What are the Benefits of Lat Pull Downs?

Biceps Strengthening:
One of the benefits of Lat Pull Downs is that it strengthens the muscles of the shoulders including the biceps. Not only the Lat Pull Down strengthens the biceps muscle, but also strengthens the muscles that support the biceps, which are the biceps brachii and brachioradialis. A strong biceps will allow better arm flexion and elbow rotation which will be quite useful in pulling or lifting, which are quite essential in athletics like shot put and discus. Rowing is yet another sport in which a strong biceps is required.

Shoulder Strengthening:
Lat Pull Downs are also very beneficial in strengthening the shoulders. This exercise strengthens several shoulder muscles to include the deltoids, infraspinatus, and teres major which is one of the rotator cuff muscles. If the rotator cuff is strong then it can be said that the shoulder is strong, which makes it easier for an athlete to extend and rotate the arm in all directions meaning that if you are involved in a sport that requires you to throw and swing your hand like baseball then a Lat Pull Down is the exercise to go to for complete performance and reducing the chances of an injury.

Back Strengthening:
In addition to strengthening the latissimus dorsi muscles and the muscles of the shoulders, the Lat Pull Downs are also beneficial in strengthening the muscles of the back, both upper and lower back. These muscles include rhomboids and trapezius. The back and the arms work in tandem whenever you are doing some sort of pulling against resistance and an individual having a strong back can compete better, especially in sports like rowing where the back and the arms both need to be strong in order to put up a good performance.

In summary, we can say that the Benefits of Lat Pull Downs are on of the most effective ways of strengthening the small stabilizer muscles and the muscles of the arm and back. With just one exercise you are able to involve several muscles in the upper body and make them strong of which the most important is the Latissimus Dorsi muscle, which is quite a vital muscle for the arm as well as the back. Additionally, with a Lat Pull Down you can also strengthen the muscles of the arm like the biceps and deltoids along with rhomboids and trapezius muscles.
With the Chain Blast Muscle System Pulley you are able to achieve this for the first time ever as it is the first pulley system that allows you to easily take your pulley and the weights needed anywhere you choose and fits in a bag and is convenient to store and transport.


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